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PPC for Doctors

Want to get your practice to the top of Google search results and generate the best ROI?

Every doctor has to spend money on marketing to acquire more patients. The trick is finding intelligent ways to spend money. PPC advertising is a fantastic way of generating leads and increasing the visibility of your practice. When you partner with The Docs Agency, you can earn more visibility for keywords your potential patients are searching for and attract more patients to your practice.

Pay-per-click Services for Doctors

Want to get your practice to the top of Google search results, attract potential patients seeking healthcare practices or medical services in your location, and generate the best ROI? Leverage the power of paid advertising to take your medical practice to the next level. The Docs Agency can help you with any aspect of PPC ads.

Each potential patient expresses their needs or intent using queries or search terms. We can help you identify, analyze and segment niche practice keywords that match up patient search queries to drive up conversions.

Only a well-setup and optimized Google Ads account can drive the sort of results you want. Our marketing experts will set up and optimize each PPC ad campaign for your market segment without blowing your budget.

Take the guesswork out of your PPC campaigns. We properly target each ad campaign for your medical practice. We ensure you reach patients who are most interested in your medical services via the best channels from device to location.

Outstanding ads address patient search intent and incorporate effective call-to-action to generate clicks. Our talented copywriters know how to craft compelling ads for your medical practice PPC campaign.

We rigorously test various elements of your campaign, from ad copies to call-to-action buttons, to know which variations can drive the highest conversions.

We track ad conversions across various devices and channels to discover what works and needs tweaking. We can track and assign the right values to your conversions using cross-channel tools.

Each search advertising campaign has specific areas for improvement. We will review and refine your ad copy to drive better results. You’ll get higher click-through rates and spend less per click for your targeted keywords.

For each PPC campaign we run, our experts produce comprehensive user reports containing vital insights on your overall ad’s performance, including conversion rates and top-performing keywords.

 Effective PPC campaigns require automatic bidding to some extent. Don’t just jump on any third-party bid management solution. Our PPC experts combine good structure and intelligent data analysis when managing bids for our clients.

Benefits of PPCs for Doctors

Many patients use the web to find doctors or seek medical advice. A Google study revealed that 77% of people use search engines to learn about symptoms before going for a doctor’s visit. 28% of those who come across paid ads end up visiting the website of the advertising doctor.

With traditional media, you’re marketing to all and sundry. What’s worse is there’s no way to know how many people respond to your ads. Your ads only appear in front of people actively seeking a doctor. Google Ads allow you to target patients based on the keywords they search for and track visitors.

Another reason to run a PPC marketing campaign is to gain an edge over other doctors. Big hospitals and medical centers usually have big marketing budgets, so they can easily advertise on a range of online platforms and traditional media channels. If your budget is tight or you don’t want to take chances with your marketing, PPC is the best marketing approach. Your money only goes to viable leads.

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Why Choose Us for PPC?

As a top digital marketing agency, we have extensive experience creating PPC ads for doctors and medical practitioners. We know how to drive conversions and reduce patient acquisition costs. You’ll have a steady stream of new patients visiting your healthcare practice or booking appointments to see you.

Dedicated Account Manager

We will assign you a dedicated account manager with the creative and technical skills to execute effective ad campaigns when you approach us. This is a person with Google Adwords Certification and real-world experience in generating leads through paid search. The account manager will oversee keyword research, ad copy creation, PPC audits, and reporting.

Results-driven PPC Ads

You've spent 100s or 1000s of dollars on paid advertising, and you want returns. We have the insight and experience to turn every dollar into an inquiry call or an appointment. For each PPC campaign, we monitor conversions and measure results. Our primary focus is on growing your exposure via PPC strategies and driving up conversions so you can achieve your marketing goals.

Trusted PPC Experts

The Docs Agency is a leading digital marketing agency with a strong reputation for creating effective PPC advertising campaigns for medical practices like yours. We know how PPC works, which pay-per-click strategies work best for most healthcare providers, and how to dominate search engine results.

Highly Targeted Ads

To execute successful campaigns, you need to know a patient's specific needs and mindsets and target them. Patients are as diverse as the symptoms or health problems they're searching for on Google. We use the right keywords to target your prospective patients in web searches, social media platforms, and wherever they're in the digital landscape.


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    Want to Maximize ROI with Effective PPC Campaigns?

    If you’d like to implement PPC for the first time to stay ahead of the competition or have a PPC campaign that’s not generating ROI, we can help. We can set up a Google AdWords account or review your account and make solid recommendations to maximize returns on your ad spend. We’ll ensure each dollar you spend on PPC triggers a profitable action – inquiry or sales.

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