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Local SEO for Doctors

As a doctor, you’re in the business of helping people looking for medical treatment. But just like any other business out there today – even if your medical practice requires visibility and exposure online in your geographical area through good Local SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process towards improving your medical practice site’s visibility when people search for services related to your practice on search engines like Google and Bing, among others.

An SEO for doctors is doable even with a brand new or small practice because there is now a shift towards a local SEO for doctors.

In the past years, one needed great website traffic, backlinks, and clout to be able to outrank their colleagues with established medical practices. In the current times, SEO is worth investing in because it is the most powerful digital marketing strategy to achieve long-term results.

Armed with the right knowledge, time, and consistency, you can show up and be right at the top of the google local ‘3 pack’.

Organic SEO Vs Local SEO

SEO involves methods used to enable a business to obtain a high ranking or placement on a search engine results page.

Both organic SEO and local SEO optimize the online presence of your website for search engines. The difference between the two, however, is that an organic SEO optimizes for content while a local SEO optimizes for location.

The Local Medical SEO is an important technique used in digital marketing to acquire more patients. This SEO is a combination of strategies and tactics meant to improve the local search ranking of your business – in this case, your medical practice.

Four out of five consumers use Google Search to seek local information. According to a Local Business Search Study performed by comScore in 2014, 78 percent of local searches wound up in online purchases.

In 2017, according to the Bright Local Consumer Review Survey, 97 percent of consumers searched online for local businesses. These numbers show how essential Local SEO is for any business.

Implementing Local SEO will enable you to reach more target patients and grow your medical practice. Local SEO costs lesser than a national one because it targets only a particular geographical area-based audience instead of a national one.

A special prescription in current times is required to improve the performance of their local SEO. Local SEO can be a great way to get your practice noticed by integrating the right strategies.

The Docs Agency’s medical SEO experts can help you develop a customized local SEO strategy to grow your medical practice.

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How does Local SEO for Doctors work?

Local SEO focuses on online searches that have local intent – an internet user searching for a service in the same geographical location as they are.

For instance, an internet user typing in ‘Dermatologist near me in Houston, Texas’ into the Google search engine means they are looking for a dermatologist in that area.

When patients search for a doctor, they will most likely look for medical treatment near them. Though not all searches may include the area name, Google has indicators from the user’s location that figure out the local intent of the user.

This is sufficient enough reason for you to have a team of experts start optimizing your medical practice website for local searches and make it more visible on Google search results.

A medical practice with an SEO-friendly website is most likely to get more traffic to their website from people searching for medical treatments near them.

Targeting potential patients from your local area should be your main goal because most people do not want to travel far to see a doctor and prefer a nearby doctor who they can visit at any time.

In general, Local SEO helps your medical practice rank higher in all search engines, including Yelp, Google, Bing, and Google Maps. The most popular search engine today is Google.

It is possible to find a large number of doctors in a small geographical area within seconds just by typing in a quick phrase or word. However, the search engine results at the top are the ones that get the most attention. The only way for your medical practice to get that attention is via Local SEO.

Medical practice websites do not appear by accident at the top of business listings. Top organic search results require a regular monitoring and refining program that may take weeks or months. But once your website achieves these high rankings, you will have a stream of patients from your geographical area.

The Docs Agency has qualified strategists to develop your local medical SEO plans.

Adding a local element to the medical practice website focuses the medical marketing strategy on localization. This boosts your medical practice revenues, elevates your online reputation, and establishes your brand in the online medical world.

Local SEO for medical professionals should include the following to be successful:

  • Google My Business profile optimization.

  • Online Citations and directory optimization.

  • Consistency of the medical practice’s NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) online.

  • Constant engagement on your medical practice social media handles

  • A strong internal linking structure.

  • Keyword research and incorporation of those keywords into your medical practice website

  • A performance audit of the Local SEO.

We have several strategies to boost your medical practice site’s local search ranking so that it is visible to people looking for services in your area.

Our local SEO services will benefit medical practices in the following ways;

  • Increased market share.

  • Increased website traffic.

  • Reduced reliance on paid ads.

  • Higher rankings for services and treatments that your medical practice offers.

Get The Best SEO Services for Your Practice

Contact The Docs Agency for more information on Local SEO for doctors. We will make sure potential patients get to see your presence online and then convert it into book appointments. We use the latest SEO practices for your medical website to give you the best returns on your investment.

Feel free to book an appointment with us by phone. You can also email us, and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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