About Us

About Us

The Docs Agency

Whether you Googled “Web design for doctors” or “PPC for doctors,” you’ve found the right marketing agency. And that’s the beginning of the end to your marketing problems! All you need to do is tap the expertise and insights of The Docs Agency experts to grow your medical practice and achieve all your marketing goals.

We are a full-service health marketing agency with years of experience helping busy doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals run successful clinics. Whether you want a professional website for your new medical practice or need better ROI for your online ads, we’ve got your back.

We can design and build your website from the ground up, but we’ll also tell you exactly how we can yield better and lasting results. With direction from healthcare marketing experts, your practice will flourish in your community.

What's behind The Docs Agency?

People, passion, and talent. That’s what drives us. We’re a team of insight-led and results-driven marketers, developers, and creative experts obsessed with creating digital footprints for medical clinics and generating the best returns for their investments. Led by a successful Orthodontist, you can call us a good patchwork of harmonious talents. We’re thoughtful, authentic, and fun to work with. Working as a team, we’re always keen on helping you improve conversions, reduce bounce rates, and generate more online bookings for your practice.

Healthcare Marketing that Works

Maybe you’ve partnered with a digital marketing agency that promised phenomenal results but underdelivered. Or you hired a marketing firm that assured you of six-figure revenues but couldn’t deliver or even manage a quarter of that. We’ve been there.

The Docs Agency is owned and founded by an Orthodontist that got tired of hiring crappy marketing agencies. We care about your bottom line – more patients and higher revenues. We’ll walk with you from the initial consultation to website design and launch and ensure your medical practice gets a visible and attractive online presence.

We can help you to:

  • Rank higher in Google search engine results

  • Get found by patients who need your services

  • Convert online visitors into paying patients

  • Grow your online presence with digital advertising

At The Docs Agency, we take charge of your marketing from lead generation until you get paying clients. Our promise is simple. We deliver 30 leads to your medical practice in 30 days or pay you $1000 for wasting your time. No ifs or buts.

Get To Know Us

Meet Our Team

Dr. Marshall Jewett


Affordable Healthcare Marketing Solutions

The Doc’s Agency gives you everything your healthcare practice needs to thrive. We offer comprehensive healthcare marketing solutions and deliver measurable improvements that enhance the patient’s touchpoint to grow your practice.

Website Design & Development

​We design and develop interactive and visually-appealing websites that give doctors a unique identity online and connect them with prospective patients who actively seek medical services or treatments for their symptoms.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Doctors

Using Google Ads, we can put your medical practice in front of potential customers in Google search results. Conversions are remarkably high because we combine the best-performing keywords and leverage proven targeting techniques.

Coaching for Healthcare Providers

Learn how to establish, grow and market a successful medical practice. Receive coaching in thought leadership from medical experts who know how to drive brand awareness and execute profitable advertising campaigns.

Why Partner with The Docs Agency

We know there are hundreds of marketing agencies out there. But not each one has your best interests at heart. In other words, few agencies truly care and want to see your medical practice succeed. When you work with us, you’re not just partnering with any agency. You’re working with a marketing agency led by actual medical professionals. People who understand the frustrations of dentists, chiropractors, doctors, and other healthcare professionals trying to establish and promote their practices online.


You’ve spent money on a new website for your practice, set aside a budget for online marketing, and now you’re hoping your efforts will bear fruit. Two months down the road, your situation hasn’t changed. Your office telephone isn’t buzzing with patients making inquiries. Your weekly calendar remains unchanged as online appointments aren’t as many as expected. Sadly, that’s a common storyline for many medical practices that have gone online.

A lot of these general marketing agencies often say the same thing:

“You will get more website traffic,” or “We guarantee that your medical clinic will appear on 1st page in Google search results.” What use is a 50% traffic increase or first-page appearance when they don’t yield 2x or 3x ROI?

Our goal is to convert search budgets into sustainable search revenue for healthcare providers. We combine insight, high-impact strategies, and proven marketing strategies to yield higher returns on ad spend than the industry norm. We can help you close search marketing gaps, unlock keys to maximize your exposure, and ultimately drive your traffic and boost conversions.

Dedicated Account Manager

Juggling marketing your practice, patient care, and other aspects of your clinic can feel like a full-time job when you’re stretched thin. We want you to focus on providing patients with the best treatments possible and worry less about how to find the next patient. For that reason, we’ll assign you a dedicated and experienced account manager. This is someone with a proven track record in generating qualified leads and optimizing campaigns for any budget. Your account manager will walk you through our lead generation process, answer your questions and incorporate your requests into your medical practice website and marketing campaigns.

Kick start Your Medical Practice with a Free Evaluation.

Starting your own medical or dental practice is the easier part. Growing revenue and attracting a consistent stream of patients is the challenging bit. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our health marketing experts and discover how we can help you leverage a modern medical practice website plus proven practice advertising strategies to attain first-page exposure and a high ROI.